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Corrosion management platform

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  • pubdate:2016/10/30
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Corrosion management platform is based on the corrosion online monitoring the corrosion of integrated management system. The blend of the corrosion online monitoring module, ultrasonic thickness, sampling analysis data, through the analysis of scientific and reasonable method, makes every effort to achieve accurate assessment of corrosion prediction and corrosion, provided an important decision basis for corrosion protection management.

> corrosion online monitoring and management system

Corrosion online monitoring and management system is to display and on-line monitoring data analysis of special management system, to implement with hardware devices (data collector) stable communication all the time, receiving test data accurately, as the basis of analysis of the corrosion online monitoring data. According to the probe on-line corrosion monitoring of pipeline and devices, to constantly provide corresponding device (pipe) analysis of the corrosion curve and the related dynamic monitoring data, so as to achieve corrosion monitoring of pipeline and equipment.

> thickness management system

Fixed thickness management system mainly through the customer on a regular basis to measure equipment and pipe wall thickness, and the corresponding measurement data through the input interface to save, as provides the basis of analysis of data, generated by analysis software curve analysis, such as alarm prompt intuitive interface, to achieve timing (regular) control equipment and pipeline corrosion circumstance.

> sample analysis management system

Sample analysis is an important part of equipment corrosion management, through the analysis of the medium test, can be indirectly, it is concluded that corrosion state of the equipment.

Sampling analysis management system is mainly to specific equipment required for the project (project) chemicals containing chemical composition proportion, entry to sample analysis database, through the analysis of the specified user to select the corresponding equipment, can produce the corresponding curve analysis diagram, provides the query function, at the same time the equipment information and the corresponding sampling chemical projects to increase, delete, change, and so on.

Corrosion management platform


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