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Integrated corrosion online monitoring system

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  • pubdate:2016/10/30
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 Integrated on-line corrosion monitoring system can be divided into conventional integrated ZKG901 and ZKG902 enhance integrated type two kinds, the blend of the inductance and resistance monitoring, electrochemical monitoring, monitoring method and pH monitoring, etc.

Integrated corrosion online monitoring system

> ZKG901 conventional integrated and enhancement ZK902 integrated corrosion online monitoring system in addition to the features with high compatibility, system and its components but also has the following advantages:

, a variety of long-life probe design (0.25 mm and 0.5 mm, 0.75 mm, etc.), generally can meet the requirements of industrial field overhaul period of 4 years.

, using the double compensation technology, based on the theory of the compensation, by adding real-time temperature measuring method, the measurement of corrosion rate is more accurate;

Adopt unique probe and circuit design, effectively eliminate the electromagnetic interference, improve the measurement precision and accuracy of system data.

> ZKG902 enhanced corrosion online monitoring system integration in addition to the above technical advantage, added two innovation technology, a new data acquisition processing technology, and cloud computing data processing technology. Its advantages are as follows:

Using data from a new workstation, field data acquisition, storage, and network transmission function:

Simplify the structure of system, reduce the system cost;

Monitoring system is easy to install, maintenance;

Off, the implementation of network protection, improve data security, have broken network storage capabilities for 30 days;

Improve system stability.

New cloud computing, data processing technology, greatly improve the data processing speed, reduce the hardware and software, and other resources.

ZKG902 enhance integrated corrosion online monitoring system diagram:

Integrated corrosion online monitoring

Conventional ZKG901 integrated corrosion online monitoring system diagram:


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