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Equipment integrity management (IOWS)

Equipment integrity management (IOWS)

      Integrity (IOW) refers to the operation window based on the process and equipment design, through the preset and set up some boundary or process parameters threshold operation, make the operation or process strictly controlled within the defined, once the operation or process more than the range, IOW will feedback a warning, prompt operation has overrun, so as to prevent equipment deterioration in advance or sudden burst leakage, and the role of unplanned parking accident, so as to improve the reliability of equipment operation.

Job description:

1. establish integrity operation window (IOWS)

Physical monitoring: various types of temperature and pressure limits, including the design temperature, operating temperature, pressure, dew point, dry point, heating or cooling rate, etc. In addition to hydrogen flow rate, injection rate, corrosion inhibitor dosage, flux, probe vibration limits, corrosion, etc.

Chemical monitoring: PH, water content, sulfur content, chlorate, acid gases, NH4HS concentration, concentration of NH4CL, chloride ion content, nitrogen content, oxygen content, acid value, etc.

2. corrosion circuit with integrity operating window (IOW) :

 .work space, create a separate corrosion in digital factory import device the RBI analysis results, and with 3 d model show the RBI analysis results, devices, material distribution and other information.

 .based on the device the RBI analysis results, the comparison of API RP 571 technical standards, according to the practice of the technological process and equipment, the corrosion mechanism of each part and system analysis, and according to the change of corrosion mechanism, corrosion could be divided into a number of devices and pipeline loop (the specific number according to the actual situation to determine);

 .in order to divide the device after corrosion loop as a unit, according to API RP 584 technical standards, such as, respectively, to find out possible impact on the corrosion or corrosion rate changes exist in all kinds of process parameters (including temperature, pressure, flow rate, medium corrosive substance content, etc.), then on the basis of actual operation and corrosion control requirements, set for the above process parameters reasonable control index or range, namely integrity operating window (IOW);

Equipment integrity management (IOWS)

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